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Chicago Art Department

About Chicago Art Department

Chicago art Department is made up of a wide variety of creative types from painters to sculptors to videographers and fashion designers. The Artist Carousel will provide the audience with a chance to interact with several of these artists and possibly even walk away wearing one of their own creations. Every hour a new artist will take over the CAD creation station bringing examples of their work and a new interactive project like collaborative doodling, cut & paste collage, or story mapping. The final hour will allow participants to scan /print and seal their new images to a t-shirt (while supplies last) - free of charge!

Founded in 2004 by three college instructors, CAD aims to benefit artists by exploring art and learning. Through exhibitions, artist residencies, classes/workshops, and community building, we are dedicated to cultivating new voices, ideas, and practices in contemporary art. CAD seeks to serve the real-world needs of young artists seeking to establish their personal practice, as well as provide a breeding ground of creative collaboration and exploration.

What does this mean? It's ongoing arts explorations. Shows, classes, events, workshops, and interaction with Chicago arts enthusiasts. We invite you to attend one of our shows or sit-in on a class! Drop by the studio during studio times (posted on our google calendar, found on CAD's home page), or reach out to a coordinator about a potential partnership.

If you are interested in flexing your skills, learning something new, establishing a studio space, participating in exhibitions, showing and potentially selling your art, developing yourself as an artist and meeting/collaborating with other Chicago artists, you should consider visiting CAD's gallery on South Halsted or studio on West Hubbard!