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Fire Arts Center
Fire Arts Center

About Fire Arts Center

Through out the day Fire Arts Center will be conducting a thirty-minute demonstration of simple techniques for stone carving.

The Fire Arts Center of Chicago began 17 years ago as a not-for-profit school for sculptors. Our primary mission is the preservation of traditional sculpture technique by offering high-quality training to artists, students and others seeking to learn or perfect their skills. Our secondary mission is to provide teaching, working, and exhibition opportunities for artists, as well as technical advice and facilities to artists and institutions.

The Fire Arts Center of Chicago has a fully equipped foundry complete with equipment for forging, welding, bronze and iron casting including furnaces and kilns. We also offer courses in stone carving, figure sculpture, figure drawing, and more. We are very excited about our new larger facility at 1800 W Cornelia Ave in Chicago, Illinois. Check our Location page for maps to the area.

Regular classes are offered quarterly. As listed above our classes cover a wide range of topics including ferrous and non-ferrous casting, figure sculpture, stone carving, figure drawing, metal forging, metal furniture design, and more. Class size is kept small to provide individualized attention. New students may opt to join at the beginning of each month as the schedule allows. Contact Fire Arts about class schedules and eligibility.